Recent Programs Delivered

Executive Education Programs Developed and Delivered by Alex

HR@UW 2016 Developing a Culture of Collaboration, December 2016
Alex provided 75-minute talk on Motivating Exceptional Performance by Transformational Leadership to a full room of over 80 Human Resource Professional’s as part of the UW-Madison Central HR’s 2016 Conference. In his presentation, he focused on what managers versus leaders do, why highly skilled performers may not necessarily be effective leaders, and the path of leadership development.

J. F. Brennan Company, Inc., March 2016
Alex provided 90-minute talk on Transformational Leadership to over 130 of Brennan’s managers at their Spring 2016 training.

We Energies, September 2015
Alex provided 4-hour program on Organizational Culture to the executives and employees of Environmental Division at We Energies. In his presentation, he discussed the definition of organizational culture, factors that differentiate strong and weak organizational cultures, the process of learning organizational culture, and how to manage change and organizational culture assimilation.

Medical School, UW-Madison, May 2014 and December 2013
Alex delivered two 90-minute talks in the Medical School on the topics of goal-setting applied to academic medicine to approximately 100 attending physicians, and leadership and creativity among medical residents in the Radiology department.