How Confidence Impacts Your Professional Success

In this Webinar, hosted by WSB, learn how to leverage confidence for improved performance and greater career outcomes. Skill and motivation are driving factors in career success. But most plateau professionally despite their talent. Confidence, as another essential success factor, is often overlooked. In this webinar, Alex shares what research reveals about confidence in the workplace.

Motivating Exceptional Performance Through Transformational Leadership

In this Webinar, hosted by Ivy Exec and WSB, Alex defines several leadership styles and explains how they differ in their effects on employees. Specifically, he focuses on the qualities that distinguish transactional managers from transformational leaders.

As reported by WSB, Alex’s talk on transformational leadership was among the highest performing webinars with more than double the average views and 15 percent higher webinar registrations. Ivy Exec provides career resources for executives and partners with top business schools, including Kellogg, Tuck, Cornell and Columbia.

What is Confidence?

In this video, Alex briefly describes his 2015 publication in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes titled, “The role of trait core confidence higher-order construct in self-regulation of performance and attitudes: Evidence from four studies.” The American Advertising Awards, known as the ADDYs, awarded this video a Silver ADDY for 2016.