New York Times, 2018: 3 Professors Shaping the Future of Business

Alex was featured in a New York Times article titled, “3 Professors Shaping the Future of Business.” His research on core confidence as a predictor of work performances was featured. “Without confidence, Stajkovic discovered, even highly skilled employees struggle to perform their duties, which can lead to dissatisfaction and low engagement”

WSB August 2018: Alex Stajkovic Named a Most-Influential Organizational Behavior Textbook Author

A recent study published in the Academy of Management Learning & Educationplaces Alex Stajkovic in the top one percent of most-cited textbook authors in the field of organizational behavior. He also placed in the study’s “most-cited articles in organizational behavior textbooks” category, and in the “most-cited articles in general management textbooks” category.

MBA Blog, August 2018: Becoming a Transformational Leader

The leader-employee dynamic can make or break an organization. To be successful, you need to have people with vision, people to carry out that vision, and a culture that encourages employees to achieve great things in their roles. This blog overviews the key takeaways on Transformational Leadership taught in Alex’s MBA O.B. class.

WSB March 2018: Learn from a UW-Madison Leadership Expert

In this recruiting effort by the Wisconsin Evening and Executive MBA programs, Alex is featured for his webinar on Transformational. WSB encourages potential students to “Discover the career-transforming business acumen you can gain in the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program. Take your leadership to new heights..”

MBA Blog, April 2018: Build Your Confidence, Achieve Greater Success At Work

When examining your own belief in your professional self, know that confidence enables your potential. It’s not magic, and you don’t want to be over-confident, but confidence gives you more opportunities to accomplish your goals given your ability and motivation. This blog previews important takeaways on self-efficacy and confidence taught in Alex’s MBA O.B. class.

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WSB Faculty Blog 2017: How to Predict Academic Achievement

In this blog, Alex talks about his research with Albert Bandura, the #1 ranked living psychologist. The blog discusses the importance of self-efficacy in academic achievement.

EMBA ’19 Blog, 2017: Core Confidence Stories

Alex’s EMBA ’19 students share their stories to provide a practical perspective on Alex’s theory of Core Confidence.

WSB August 2017: Learn from a UW-Madison Confidence Expert

In this recruiting effort by the Wisconsin Evening and Executive MBA programs, Alex is featured for his most recent webinar on Confidence. WSB encourages potential students to “Discover the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program’s career-transforming classroom experience and become a more confident leader.”

LinkedIn Articles Alex Published in 2017: 

Update Magazine, Fall 2016: Can employee performance and satisfaction be predicted by confidence?

This Research Brief published in the Fall 2016 edition of the Wisconsin School of Business Update magazine relayed Alex’s latest research on confidence and work performance. Alex concluded, “If you believe you achieve, if you doubt you go without.”

BizEd November 2016 Issue: Putting Faculty in the Limelight

In this issue, Alex is recognized for his leadership in research, and for his contributions the classroom.

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WSB Faculty Blog 2015: How to Predict Employee Performance and Satisfaction

In this blog, Alex writes about the importance of confidence in predicting employee performance. This blog was rated #1 WSB’s most popular faculty blog for 2015.

Huge Morgridge gift grows beyond UW expectations

Morgridge gift

Wisconsin endowments of nearly $250 million have been pledged in the “Morgridge Match” by John and Tashia Morgridge. Alex’s existing M. Keith Weikel distinguished Chair ($3M) was matched 100% in an endowment by the Morgridges to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Interview with Elle Magazine

In this Interview with Elle Magazine, Alex talks about the importance of self-efficacy in the careers of women.

Office Hours Gone Golden

One of Alex’s former students describes her experience in attending Alex’s office hours.


A Quantitative Examination of Trends in I-O Psychology 2001 – 2005

Alex’s article is #10 in the Top 20 Most Highly Cited Equally Industrial Organizational Articles from 2001 – 2005.